Pro Football Live

Pro Football Live 3.11

Follow the NFL season on your iPhone


  • Live scores, plays and stats
  • Customize to show only your favorite teams
  • Regular news updates
  • Cool SmackTalk feature


  • Prone to crashes
  • No video content


Pro Football Live is a free app that allows you to get live NFL scores, news and results on your iOS device.

With Pro Football Live you can see live, endzone-to-endzone updates and scores through a clear and colorful in-match console. Besides keeping you informed of plays and scores, this in-game mode provides all manner of stats on player performances.

One of the things we most liked about other Plusmo apps, such as College Baseball Live, is the SmackTalk feature, and thankfully this is also present in Pro Football Live. SmackTalk allows football fans to come together and post messages in a live chatroom in the game view. You can show your support for one team or another by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icon next to the team emblem.

Pro Football Live also covers all the latest NFL news, allowing you to view all the latest gossip. You can customize the app to only display news and results for your favorite team(s). There's also a section within Pro Football Live where you can check the latest standings.

One of the weaknesses of the Pro Football Live app is that it's very buggy. When testing on an iPhone 3G we experienced several problems with the app not loading, or the screen freezing. Hopefully Plusmo can address these issues sooner rather than later.

Another downside of the app is its lack of video highlights, which would have been a nice addition.

The app can run a bit slowly at times, but on the whole Pro Football Live makes for a handy mobile companion for the NFL season.

Pro Football Live


Pro Football Live 3.11

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